Steel Skate Wheel Pallet Flow Rack

Skate wheel lanes are ideal in pick modules, for both high-volume case selection as well as empty pallet return (EPR) lanes.

TYPE: Pallet Flow Racking and Case Flow Racking Systems

MODEL: Full and Split Roller Pallet Flow Racking

Steel Skate Wheel Pallet Flow Rack is an economical gravity flow pallet racking. Skate wheel pallet flow racking is durable and adaptable with custom mounting accessories available.

Steel skate wheels are made to withstand the rigors of warehouse environments. The galvanized finish provides protection against rust and corrosion. They are usually preferred for shallow depth lanes (2 to 5 deep) and are adaptable to all pallet racking.  The pallet flow racking is designed to ensure smooth, even flow from load-end to pick-side with both inline and staggered lane options available.

 “Floor-mounted” pallet racking design helps alleviate typical warehouse issues, allowing for easy debis and dust removal.   Skate wheel lanes are also ideal in pick modules, for both high-volume case selection as well as empty pallet return (EPR) lanes.


  • Accommodates all pallet sizes
  • Adaptable to all major manufacturers’ rack
  • Both inline and staggered configurations available
  • Rugged ball-bearing construction
  • Custom mounting brackets for secure, low-profile, heavy-duty use
  • Minimal maintenance


  • 50-300 lb. wheel capacity
  • 1.9″-2.25″ wheel diameters
  • Loads under 2000 lbs.


Steel Skate Wheel pallet flow systems can be equipped with accessories to help support the functionality of the racking system.

  • Entry guides provide visual guides for forklift operators to load pallets evenly in the racking lane.
  • Speed controllers can be fitted based on your load specs to help control and track the flow of pallets down lane.
  • Bolt-on ramp stops can slow your pallet to a safe approach at the pick-face and help keep the pallet from pitching forward into the aisle.  Additionally, they are bolted on to the rack face, there is no need to replace the whole lane should one be damaged.

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