Stretch Wrapping Machines

Stretch Wrapper used for wrapping pallets.  Product is then safely stored or shipped.

TYPE: Packaging Equipment

MODEL: Stretch Wrapping Machine

Stretch Wrapping machine for efficient use of stretch film and safe product transportation.

For highly automated manufacturing facilities Stretch Wrapping Machines can keep up with the heavy demand.  Preparing freight for transportation or storage is of utmost importance. And it’s not only about putting goods on a pallet and loading a truck with it.  The process is essential for easier handling of a load and transportation safety. Moreover, it is necessary for reducing the risk of accidental damages to goods and their loss during loading and unloading operations.  The rugged and effective pallet wrapper is manufactured to protect each of your products.  Taking the risk out of shipping, every product you produce will remain secure and safe for customer satisfaction.

Stretch wrappers are a must for any business wrapping more than 10-15 pallets a day. Using a stretch wrapper machine can reduce your labor cost and provide an immediate return on your investment.  Stretch wrap machines can pay for themselves within months. A stretch wrap machine can free employees for other tasks and dramatically reduce stretch film usage. The powered stretching heads on a stretch wrap machine are capable of consistent maximum film stretch. Increasing the film stretch rate reduces film consumption, cost, and environmental impact

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