Vertical Pivot Gate

A Vertical Pivot Gate offers the ultimate solution for those pressed for horizontal clearance space. Specifically designed to operate on the vertical plane, this gate easily integrates with pick modules and mezzanine/deck surfaces.

TYPE: Mezzanine Gates & Railings

MODEL: Vertical Pivot Gate

Vertical Pivot Gates provide a solution for areas lacking horizontal clearance space.

Vertical pivot gates are designed to operate (open) vertically, which allows easy access for pick modules and mezzanine deck solutions.

When in use, the vertical pivot gate is rotated into an upright position.  When finished, the lightweight, durable gate is then closed and securely locked.

The vertical pivot gate is securely hinged to the center pivot post during operation.  This functionality eliminates the chance of dropping a loose gate over the elevated area.


  • IBC, OSHA and CAL/OSHA compliant
  • Provides 42” guard rail protection with toe board
  • Gate widths available from 4’ to 8’ (custom sizes available)
  • Vertical clearance is equal to gate width
  • Two (21” sphere test) or three (12” sphere test) rail options available
  • Left- and right-side opening directions available (orientation direction is looking off deck to floor)
  • Wildeck yellow paint finish for high visibility (other colors available)
  • Gate can be customized to end-user’s specifications
  • Compatible with EdgeAlert™ Open Gate Alarm 

Vertical Pivot Gate Sizing

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