Work Platform Steel Stair Landings are pre-engineered landings that are designed to meet applicable building codes

TYPE: Stairs and Landings

MODEL: Landings

Use a Steel Platform Stair Landing for Safe and Efficient Mezzanine Access

Work Platform Steel Stair Landings decrease design time and prevent installation errors. Pre-engineered landings, stringer, and railing components are designed to meet applicable building codes and OSHA requirements and can be customized to best fit each individual project. These Wildeck landings provide everything you need to optimize your mezzanine installation.

To increase safety and achieve the operational efficiency you desire from your system, Thomas Conveyor partners with Wildeck to design and manufacture a wide range of products and accessories that can be easily integrated with your mezzanine stair system. Stair landings and platforms benefits are numerous, since platforms are available at walk out elevation and stair towers are designed to meet your height and space requirements.

Work with the systems integrators at Thomas Conveyor to design your next Work Platform Steel Stair Landings. Experts are available to provide your production, manufacturing or distribution facility the correct steel stair landing to safely and effectively enhance your operations.


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