Zig-Zag™ Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor

Zig-Zag® is highly adaptable. It is the only overhead chain conveyor that can be upgraded to a power and free system utilizing all existing components.

TYPE: Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Conveyor Systems

MODEL: Zig-Zag®

Zig-Zag™ Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor for Elevation Change Applications

Using standard modular components constructed for long life, Zig-Zag™ conveyors solve a variety of manufacturing problems.  From simple, in-line finishing systems to complex storage and retrieval systems used in inventory management systems, Zig-Zag™ conveyors are an efficient and economical solution.


Eleven Standard Components

  • Straight Track, 3/16” thick, the heaviest in the industry, stocked in 10’ lengths
  • Horizontal Curves, 3/16” thick, 90°, flame hardened
  • Top Vertical Curves, 3/16” thick, 90°, flame hardened
  • Bottom Vertical Curves, 3/16” thick, 90°, flame hardened
  • Conveyor Chain, 6” pitch
  • Take-up Assembly
  • Inspection Section
  • Chain Oiler
  • Standard Drive Packages
  • Load Pendant Attachments

Vertical Wheels on 6" Centers

  • Spread the same amount of load over more wheels
  • Standard drive packages up to 750 lb. chain pull

Made in the U.S.A.


  • Enclosed track protects products and parts
  • Zig-Zag™ is constructed of standard, modular components that simplify installation and maintenance
  • With it's 6" pitch, Zig-Zag™ provides 33% more hanging points than competitive products
  • Maximizes floor space
  • Zig-Zag™ is designed to meet manufacturers' changing needs and can be upgraded to a power and free system utilizing all the existing components
  • Reduces product handling and damage


  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • WIP Buffer Systems
  • Investment Casing
  • Progressive Assemblies
  • Trash Conveyors
  • Die Cast Rack Storage
  • Empty Carton Return
  • Plating Rack Storage
  • Sliver Can Delivery
  • Robotic Interface

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