Zig-Zag® Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyor Richards-Wilcox  is a monorail enclosed track overhead conveyor for elevation change applications

TYPE: Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Conveying Systems

MODEL: Zig-Zag®
MANUFACTURER: Richards-Wilcox Conveyor Systems

Monorail Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor for Elevation Change Applications

Overhead conveyors are typically used in paint and finishing lines, trash removal, food packing, and assembly lines. These are some of the oldest conveyors still used in the industry today because they are very reliable and require little maintenance. 

Using standard modular components constructed for long life, zig-zag conveyors solve a variety of manufacturing problems.

From simple, in-line finishing systems to complex storage and retrieval systems used in inventory management systems, Zig-Zag® conveyors are an efficient and economical solution.

Zig-Zag® Monorail Enclosed Track Conveyors are used in manufacturing facilities, distribution centers, and warehouses throughout the United States and worldwide. Let the experts at Thomas Conveyor design your next overhead conveyor system.



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