90° 3-Strand Chain Transfer, Roach Model CT380/CT360

TYPE: Transfer and Merge Conveyors

MODEL: Roach CT380/CT360

90° 3-Strand Chain Transfer Conveyor For Heavy Duty Pallet Transfer Applications

Chain transfer conveyors provide a method for the pallet to change directions at a right angle.

The 90° 3-Strand Chain Transfer Roach Model CT380/CT360 can convey heavy duty unitized loads to 3000lbs at 90° large intervals. 

These transfer conveyors are suited for applications in tight quarters where space is not available for large radius curves.  Roach Model CT380/CT360 can be used for side loading and unloading applications, accumulation of load applications, and situations where the product must be aligned.  Choose from pivot type transfer conveyor or positive type lift chain transfer both can be mounted on the optional 251CDLR.

These conveyors are commonly used to move heavier, larger loads such as pallets, containers, or other unit loads onto adjoining conveyors, work stations and load / unload zones. Model CT380/CT360 can be found in the warehousing & distribution industry, manufacturing, order fulfillment, appliance, cabinetry furniture, and automotive industry.

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