ARB Case Diverter

ARB Case Diverter has the ability to re-direct the motion of a product.

TYPE: Stainless Steel and Corrosion Free Conveyor Systems

A Modular Case Diverter Conveyor redirects the motion of a product

Stainless steel conveyors or devices are specified based on criteria such as washdown environments, sanitary applications such as food or pharmaceuticals, and chemical or corrosive product processing. 

Different finishes are determined by moisture levels and bacterial growth concerns. Stainless steel is the number 1 choice for food grade conveyor systems.  The ability to re-direct the motion of a product or case on a stainless steel conveyor system requires experience and careful analysis of the application.

Thomas Conveyor has developed a portfolio of conveyor and equipment solutions like the Stainless Steel ARB Case Diverter to direct containers and packages onto lanes and out of lanes.  Depending on the application, a stainless steel lane and diverting system will be designed with either pneumatics or servo control. 

Pneumatic solutions are common in many applications, due to their lower cost and ease of maintenance. Some applications use a combination of pneumatic and servo controls to provide the best overall cost. 

Servo technology allows high speed gate movement and exact product placement, in your stainless steel conveyor application.  A Stainless Steel ARB Case Diverter can enhance the productivity of your sanitary case diverting conveyor application. 

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