ARB™ Case Diverter

An ARB™ Case Diverter has the ability to re-direct the motion of a product.

TYPE: Stainless Steel Conveyors and Accessories

A Modular Case Diverter Conveyor redirects the motion of a product

The Modular Conveyor Express's line of conveyor is pre-engineered with common components in stock. This allows us to bypass our custom engineering group, saving you time and money. MCE standard equipment typically ships in 10 – 15 business days. 

Thomas Conveyor has developed a portfolio of conveyor and equipment solutions like the Stainless Steel ARB™ (Activated Roller Belt) Case Diverter to direct containers and packages onto lanes and out of lanes.  


  • The ARB™ case diverter provides easy, repeatable diverting of packages from 1:2 lanes without interrupting the product flow
  • The system has no mounted hardware, no overhead structures, no change parts and no mechanical adjustments
  • Typical applications include rejecting product from the production flow on demand and dividing production output between parallel downstream operations.


  • Stainless steel conveyors or devices are specified based on criteria such as washdown environments, sanitary applications such as food or pharmaceuticals, and chemical or corrosive product processing
  • Different finishes are determined by moisture levels and bacterial growth concerns
  • Stainless steel is the number 1 choice for food grade conveyor systems
  • Depending on the application, a stainless steel lane and diverting system will be designed with either pneumatics or servo control. 

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