Ball Transfer Units, Roach Model B

TYPE: Gravity Roller Conveyor


Ball Transfer Gravity Conveyor

Move boxes, packages, crates, etc. any direction, effortlessly using the Ball Transfer Units Roach Model B. Ball transfer tables are used at packaging and assembly stations where product needs to be rotating or moved in more than one directionUse when products are required to be manually rotated or correctly positioned. Ball tables are also used at conveyor intersections where product must be moved horizontal to the direction of flow.  Also, use when more than two conveyor lines converge and packages must be transferred from one line to another.


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Model B is ideal for workstations that require quick easy handling of a product.  

Ball assemblies: 1" in diameter and steel ball x 1-13/16" overall housing diameter
Mounting bolt: 1/4"-20
Ball capacity: 50lbs per ball with maximum unit load not to exceed the capacity of 4 balls (200#)
Frames: 3-1 /2" x 1-1 /2" x 10 gauge steel with balls set high position (1 / 4" above side frames) only
Frame Capacity: 1300lbs maximum distributed live load per 1 0' section with supports at 10' centers and 3200lbs at 5' centers.
Plates have balls that are attached in a square pattern to 10 gauge formed plates up to 39" bf above 39"bf, the plates are 7 gauge
Couplings: Butt type.

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