Ceiling Hangers

TYPE: Conveyor Supports

MODEL: Ceiling Hangers

Ceiling Hangers for Vertical Suspension of Light Duty & Medium Duty Conveyors

Ceiling Hangers provide sturdy means of gaining high conveyor elevations. This accessory is used when there is a need to maximize the utilization of floor space, or when a required height exceeds the floor support capability.


  • Ceiling hangers provide a means of support in applications where floor supports are not suitable
  • Conveyor guarding is recommended for overhead conveying applications
  • Ceiling Hangers can be supplied with gravity or powered conveyors


  • Space below the ceiling trusses, light fixtures, piping and HVAC and above the floor machinery
  • Since most operations are conducted on or close to the ground level, this vast amount of space is typically wasted and is ideal space for ceiling hung processes


  • Hangers: (2) 7’ long threaded rods (5/8” dia. - 11 UNC) provide nom.
    6’ product clearance.
  • Mounting Brackets: Cross-pipe to span underneath conveyor is painted
    1” I.D. steel pipe; Retainer or “Hat” brackets bolt to lower flange of conveyor
    frame are 7 ga.
  • Widths: 24 hour shipments include 13”, 15”, 17”, 19”, 21”, 23”, 25”, 27”, 31”,
    33”, 37”, 39”, 43”, 45”, 47” and 51” BF.

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