TYPE: Manual Accessories

MODEL: Ceiling Hangers

Ceiling Hangers for Vertical Suspension of Light Duty & Medium Duty Conveyors

Ceiling Hangers provide sturdy means of gaining high conveyor elevations. This accessory is used when there is a need to maximize the utilization of floor space, or when a required height exceeds the floor support capability. In both manufacturing and warehousing, managers are constantly challenged with minimizing floor space requirements while maximizing storage capacity. Typical solutions may include installing in a few extra racks at the end of a busy aisle way, double-stacking skids on already-filled shelves or narrowing aisle ways to place more products on the floor. In doing so, they must still safely maneuver and coordinate a multitude of forklifts around blind corners, and across pedestrian walkways, and track storage locations, which are constantly changing due to lack of space and shuffling of skids in small spaces. In many manufacturing environments the space below the ceiling trusses, light fixtures, piping and HVAC and above the floor machinery is unused. Since most operations are conducted on or close to the ground level, this vast amount of space is typically wasted.

Ceiling hangers provide a means of support in applications where floor supports are not suitable. Conveyor guarding is recommended for overhead conveying applications. Always verify the supporting structure will safely support all conveyors and live loads. Ceiling Hangers can be supplied with gravity or powered conveyors. Contact the experts at Thomas Conveyor to design your next conveyor system.

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