Metal Detection System with Integrated Conveyor Belt

Metal detection system with conveyors for product protection in the Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage and Dry Bulk Storage industries

TYPE: Packaging Equipment

Custom Metal Detector for Conveyor Belt Production Line

Our custom metal detection system with integrated conveyor belt works in conjunction with our reject mechanisms to protect your product and equipment from damage. 

Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Food and Beverage and Dry Bulk Storage metal detectors can detect traces of metal that may have contaminated goods during the production process. For example, since most food processing equipment is made of metal, fragments of this material can be unintentionally introduced to the products, posing a hazard to consumers, such as loose screws, bolts, machine parts, metal tags, screen wire, blades and more. 

Our custom systems provide robust and hygienic conveyor belt technology, together with ultra-precise metal detection.  They can find stainless steel & ferrous metals such as cast iron and mild steel, as well as, non-ferrous metals like copper, lead, and aluminum.  The modular design allows for custom solutions tailored to you and your products. 

Metal contaminants can not only cause serious harm to consumers but lead to severe legal consequences for the manufacturer. Metal particles and fragments can also damage production and packaging machinery, which may be expensive and time consuming to repair. 

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