Finger Gate

Finger Gates provide a protective barrier at elevated work levels. The Finger Gate is commonly used for pallet flow and charge areas where pallets are gravity-fed.

TYPE: Mezzanine Gates & Railings

MODEL: Finger Gate

Finger gates provide a protective barrier at elevated work levels, such as mezzanines or pallet racking. It is commonly found on pallet flow racks and areas where gravity fed pallets are utilized.


  • Finger gate spring mechanism allows the gate to be pushed open by a pallet and self-close when the pallet is unloaded or clears the gate
  • Spring loaded, self closing, economical design
  • Easily integrates into newly designed or existing rack systems
  • Can be freestanding (mounted to the deck) or rack mounted based on the application
  • Commonly used for 40" x 48" pallets, custom lengths are available
  • Durable steel construction; provides a long lasting, safe product
  • OSHA, Cal-OSHA, IBC Compliant


Finger gates are easy to install, with only two bolts per "finger" to mount onto an existing rack.  The finger gate has several variations for installation, all necessary hardware is included regardless of the installation. 

The Finger Gate system can be designed around existing layouts and imported directly into your CAD design.  We can also integrate protective railing to cover the area between the "fingers" to accommodate the walkways between rollers.

Both the rack mounted and freestanding Finger Gate systems are equipped with spring loaded hinges, which self-close as pallets and items pass through.  The finger gate springs have been tested to function over 20,000 cycles without fail.


  • Universal attachment - no left or right side
  • Mounted to rack uprights to fit common 96" wide bays
  • Use as a freestanding unit, shipped with posts
  • Custom Finger lengths available based on pallet width or rack bay width
  • Optional JiffyRail protective railing between fingers to accommodate wider rack sizes or walkways between the rollers (rail designs are easily configurable, available up to 50" wide)
  • Meets OSHA guard rail strength requirements (when closed)
  • OSHA Safety Yellow Paint Finish
  • Each "finger" includes a 1 1/2" x 3" plastic ribbed end cap
  • Spring mechanism bearings ensure smooth opening and closing
  • Finger gate springs have been tested to function over 20,000 cycles without fail


Rack Mounted Finger Gate

  • Standard configuration is for 96" wide rack bays
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Package includes 1 Finger Gate; 4 needed for a full bay
  • Fingers are mounted to the rack with two bolts per finger (hardware is not included due to variations in rack construction)

Freestanding Finger Gate

  • Standard configuration is designed for a 96" wide rack bay
  • Custom sizes are available
  • Package includes 4 Finger Gates and 2 Posts; all hardware is included
  • Posts mount to deck with 1/2" x 3 1/2" bolts (included)
  • Finger gates mount to post with 1/2" x 4 1/2" bolds (included)

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