Heavy Duty Chain Driven Zero Pressure Accumulator, Roach Model SZD251CDA Smart Zone™

TYPE: Accumulation Conveyors

MODEL: Roach SZD251CDA Smart Zone™

Chain Driven Zero Pressure Accumulator for Heavy Duty Accumulation Applications

The Model SZD251CDA SMART ZONE™ is a heavy duty roll-to-roll chain-driven zero pressure accumulator, designed to safely accumulate heavy products such as castings, drums, containers and heavy pallet loads in 5’ zones. The Roach design incorporates photoelectric sensors, instead of sensor rollers, which eliminates many of the problems associated with conveying wooden pallets. Products do not touch during accumulation and are singulated individually off of the conveyor. Smart Zone™ is easy to install and simple to maintain.

This new series accumulates your product smoothly and offers two types of discharge:  zone singulation release, and slug release, which is optional. A singulation release method is when the conveyor zones are controlled such that the product is discharged from one zone only when the immediately adjacent downstream zone is empty. Slug mode allows all packages to be released simultaneously.  Model SZD251CDA also allows the product to be slug loaded.

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