TYPE: Lift-O-Flex® Ergonomic Lifters


The Lift-O-Flex is an electronically operated ergonomic lifter and core expander for paper and film rolls

The 12107-1 series electric Expand-O-Turn® by Roni is an electrically operated core expander for paper and film rolls with 3” and 6” cores and allows for manually rotating the roll.

The Expand-O-Turn® can lift and turn, move, pour, position and load your coil or spool. Rolls of varying dimensions, weights up to 300-lbs (depending on roll size), can be picked up from the vertical position at floor/pallet level and deposited at random heights in a horizontal position.

The Expand-O-Turn® expander is operated via push buttons and is simple and easy to use and will not damage the core or the roll surface.

The Expand-O-Turn® tooling attachment is designed to lift and rotate any size roll.

The Expand-O-Turn® End Effector is attached to the standard Lift-O-Flex Ergonomic Lifter. The lifter can be manually transported around a facility with ease. This tooling attachment is inserted into a vertical roll and expands to grab the roll from within. The roll can then be lifted and rotated horizontally if needed. Lifters can be customized to fit any application, and designed with end effector tooling that fits your needs.  

Roni ergonomic lifters and tooling attachments are available in powder coated finish, anodized aluminum or stainless steel construction. Wash down versions are available.

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More Videos Available:

Lift-O-Flex Expand-O-Turn Roll Handling Demonstration

Lift-O-Flex Expand-O-Turn Demonstration

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