LIFT-O-FLEX™ 93096 EEX D Explosion Proof Ergonomic Lifters

TYPE: LIFT-O-FLEX™ Ergonomic Lifters


Flexible explosion proof material handler with weight scale and control panel

The LIFT-O-FLEX™ EEX D explosion proof lifter offers users the flexibility to meet the demands of explosion proof material handling combined with the ease of an ergonomic lifter. The lifter gives users the confidence to meet the demand of a job which requires the use and movement of explosion prone materials.

The lifter is ideal for hazardous locations. Not only will this barrel lifter allow for you to ergonomically move a product from one location to the next, but it will also give you the ability to lift, tilt and pour drums safely.

LIFT-O-FLEX­™ EEX D Features:

  • Self-contained, explosion-proof enclosures for the control panel and the power pack
  • The battery compartment can be mounted permanently to the lifter for charging outside the ex room or can be mounted with a “quick disconnect” feature for charging in a neutral zone. 
  • The control module, battery compartment, and motors have certificates of compliance.

The lifter shown is equipped with a Squeeze-O-Turn™ EEX D rated for 55 gallon drum handling. Also mounted is a weight scale for tare weight reconciliation.

The LIFT-O-FLEX™ has a wide variety of standard end effectors, attachments, tooling and manipulators available.  Custom options are always welcome, and we will happily work with you to determine a customized LIFT-O-FLEX™ configuration that will provide the best solution for your operation. 

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HERE to see the available LIFT-O-FLEX™ end effector/tooling options. 

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