LIFT-O-FLEX™ Roller Bar Attachment

Lift-O-Flex Roller Bar Attachment
MODEL: LIFT-O-FLEX™ Archive Lifter

The LIFT-O-FLEX Roller Bar attachment is designed to ergonomically lift and move oversized or heavy weight boxes, totes or items onto or off of existing conveyor lines for further transport.

How does the Lift-O-Flex Roller Bar Attachment Work?

  • Load/Unload product onto the Lift-O-Flex roller bar attachment
  • Lock the side guides to secure product
  • Roll product to destination
  • Lower/release side guides for product release

For more information on the LIFT-O-FLEX Roller Bar extension for LIFT-O-FLEX Ergonomic Lifters, contact a Thomas Conveyor & Equipment automation engineer or call us at 844 220 0086.

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