TYPE: Manual Accessories

MODEL: Tripod Supports

Adjustable Tripod Supports For Skate Wheel Conveyors & Gravity Roller Conveyors

Light Duty Tripod Supports work flawlessly with straight or curved sections of gravity skate wheel or light duty roller conveyor. Adjustable height tripod stands are ideal for temporary or portable set-ups. Optional leg angles can be supplied to fasten the stand to the floor and provide additional support. The adjustable Tripod Stand has a capacity of 350 pounds, and 180 pounds of torque on the locking screw.

The top channel of tripod is 1-9/16” x 15/16” x 12 gauge welded to 1” inside diameter pipe. Tripod base is made of 12 gauge construction. The height is measured to the top roller or skate wheel.  Vertical adjustment is infinite within its set range.  Tripod Stands are not suggested for permanent use or shock loading.

Let the experts at Thomas Conveyor & Equipment design your next temporary or portable conveyor system using Tripod Supports. Experienced system integrators are available to assist you.  Contact us today for assistance.

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