Rotary Accumulation Table

Stainless Steel rotary accumulation tables are used to accumulate, orientate and sort products. Turntables are ideal for use in packaging, processing, and assembly in food processing and manufacturing applications.

TYPE: Stainless Steel Conveyor Systems

MODEL: MCE Rotary Table

Rotary turntables, accumulation tables and unscrambling tables are used for accumulating, sorting and orienting products.  Rotary tables enable the collation and accumulation of products from conveyor lines and packing areas creating a buffer zone on a low speed line and also providing accumulation at the end of a production line.

The line of stainless steel conveyors by MCE is pre-engineered, allowing us to provide a modular design, saving you time and money. Equipment typically ships in 10 – 15 business days. 

Eco Friendly Application


  • Often used with round containers, such as bottles, to accumulate or unscramble bulk, so that they can be discharged in a single file line.
  • Designed to support a variety of conveyor system requirements
  • Deck diameters range from 3’ to 8’
  • Weight capacity is available up to 500 lbs.
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise rotation available
  • Adjustable speed control
  • Rotation speeds can be constant or variable with 90° index capabilities
  • Easy to clean / Wash down resistant
  • Ideal for areas that are not large enought or not suitable for an automated system
  • Well matched with hand packing stations or loading tables
  • Low maintenance
  • Complete pre-wired factory control packages are also available
  • Turntables ship completely assembled for quick installation into new or existing applications
  • Ships within 10-15 business days

Typical Applications

  • Accumulating, orientation and sorting products
  • Packaging
  • Processing
  • Assembly
  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing applications
  • Unscrambling and single filing containers prior to filling, capping, and labeling applications


  • Rotary Table: Polished Stainless Steel Disc
  • Support: ±4” Adjustment Height
  • Guide Rail: Flips in Field to Make Either Right or Left Handed
  • Motor: High Efficiency Washdown-Inverter Duty Gear Motor
  • Load Capacity: 100 lbs Combined Weight


  • Rotary turntables are available in carbon steel and stainless steel construction
  • Complete wash-down and food grade packages available


Stainless steel conveyor systems are ideal for the food manufacturing sector, due to some of the following advantages:

  • Hygienic Maintenance
    The food and beverage industry needs to maintain thorough hygienic conditions for all their processes. Stainless steel conveyors are capable of maintaining such hygiene. Their excellent resistance against corrosion, as well as over-heating, make them ideal for the displacement of items such as meats, produce, and grains.
  • Expedient Food Transfers
    Another benefit of stainless steel conveyors is their tight transfer of food items at exact intervals. Timely delivery of often perishable food items is essential during food processing, as well as automated packaging.
  • Transfer of Slippery Food Items
    For wet and slick food items, stainless steel conveyors can be mesh belted. This asissts in the displacement of food items without slippage.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    Stainless steel conveyor systems are cost-effective and have a long functioning life. Belts and components are easily maintained and long lasting. Also, thanks to automated technologies, labor costs are reduced for the transfer of items across manufacturing facilities.

Transfer of Product Using Stainless Steel Systems

The versatile nature of stainless steel conveyor systems make them suitable for various food items, such as:

  • Bakery Products
    Stainless steel conveyor systems provide optimal temperature conditions for bakery product displacement and offer solutions for automated filling, packaging, and labeling of baked food items.
  • Meats and Seafood
    Poultry products and seafood require clean, hygienic conditions. Such conditions are facilitated by stainless steel conveyors while transferring these items for processing and packaging
  • Dairy Products
    Packaging of difficult to handle dairy products like cheese, butter, milk, and curds is done efficiently using stainless steel conveyor systems.
  • Miscellaneous
    Numerous other food items like spices, condiments, beverages, confectioneries, fruits, etc. are transported in food manufacturing using stainless steel conveyors.

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