Movomech Mechlight Pro

The Mechlight is a pneumatic ergonomic lifter that is mounted on a rail system; ideal for assembly line work

TYPE: Movomech™ Rail Systems

MODEL: Mechlight Pro

The Mechlight Pro is a pneumatic powered, lightweight ergonomic lifter that can handle up to 110 lbs.

The Mechlight Pro™ is an air-operated, lightweight lifter able to handle fixed loads up to 110 lbs. with a working stroke of 47 inches.


  • The lifter can easily be mounted on an overhead rail system, wall, or pillar-mounted crane
  • The lifter allows free rotation around its lifting axis – a great advantage in assembly work where hoses and accessories otherwise risk being damaged.
  • The Mechlight Pro™ is available in several pneumatics versions: equilibrated for 1 or 2 fixed loads; or balanced for balancing a range of varying loads
  • Flexible balance lifter for lifting and assembly work
  • Easy to move and freely rotating
  • The Mechlight Pro has a variety of end effectors/tooling, offering quick and easy interchange for multiple capabilities


  • Component handling in manufacturing
  • Assembly Work
  • Order Picking from Conveyors

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