Medium Duty Chain Driven Zero Pressure Accumulator, Roach Model SZD192CDA Smart Zone™

TYPE: Accumulation Conveyors

MODEL: Roach SZD192CDA Smart Zone™

Zero Pressure Roll to Roll Chain Driven Accumulation Conveyor for Medium Duty Accumulation Applications

Roach's Medium Duty Chain Driven Zero Pressure Accumulator Conveyors are designed to safely bring together medium duty loads in 5' zones.  Medium Duty Chain Driven Zero Pressure Accumulator Roach Model SZD192CDA Smart Zone™ incorporates photoelectric sensors, instead of sensor rollers, to detect product loads, which eliminates many problems associated with sensor rollers. Products do not touch during accumulation and are singulated individually off of the conveyor. Smart Zone® is easy to install and simple to maintain.

Accumulation conveyor can be used in a conveyor system when trying to buffer product prior to sortation when merging product together, or at the end of the line where an operator will unload, among other uses. Knowing the right type of accumulation conveyor to use will play a large part in how efficiently your conveyor system handles your product.

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