Medium Duty Roller Bed Belt Conveyor, Roach Model 796RB

Model 796RB, Medium duty roller bed belt conveyor, can convey heavier loads than slider bed conveyors.

TYPE: Rubber Belt Conveyors

SHIPPING: 24 HOUR SHIPMENT | 2 week shipment

The Model 796RB roller bed belt conveyor is for applications that require heavier capacity than a standard slider bed belt conveyor provides.

The Model 796RB, medium duty roller bed belt conveyor, is the conveyor chosen when an application requires a conveyor with greater capacity than a standard slider bed belt conveyor.

The Model 796RB is designed with a “bed” of non-powered rollers that support the belt. Each roller helps minimize belt friction, allowing for greater capacities.  The lower co-fiction provided by the roller-bed allows the conveyor to be driven with less horsepower.


24 Hour Shipping Available

The Model 796 RB is ideal for conveying pallets, bagged bulk products, heavy cartons and parts.


  • The Roach Model 796 RB is available in a wide range of lengths and belt widths many ready to ship within 24 hours.
  • A large selection of constant speed and variable speed drives are available.
  • Pre-wired control options are available that eliminate the need for outside electrical installation.
  • A wide selection of adjustable supports, guard rail, and castors are available in various sizes.

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Model 796RB
24 Hour Ship Available
12" 15" 18"
18" 21" 24"
24" 27" 30"
36" 39" 42"
42" 45" 48"
48" 45" 48"
48" 51" 54"

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