Modular Wall and Office Systems STARRCO™

Modular computer room enclosures from Starrco Modular offices and portable buildings are a solid and secure infrastructure choice for centralized IT and computer rooms.

TYPE: Modular Office

MODEL: Modular Wall and Office Systems

In as little as 3 days a modular office can be up and running.  Modular is the best solution because enclosures can be adapted and reconfigured to meet your future needs.

Modular offices significantly reduce your capital expenditure because of the lower cost per square foot compared to conventional construction. Installation eliminates the typical dust, debris and chaos found on most job sites.

Modular Office Systems

Starrco's office systems can be engineered in a variety of ways for office and break room applications, IT rooms, conference rooms, paint and powder coating booths and more!

Modular Offices Uses: Social Distancing Spaces, Modular Break Rooms, CMM Rooms, Restroom and Shower Facilities, Conference Rooms, Shipping and Receiving Offices, Plant Foreman Offices, Sound, Paint and Dust Enclosures, In-Plant Offices, Powder Coating Booths, Exercise Facilities, Partitions and Modular Walls

Modular Clean Rooms, Wall Systems and Portable Clean Rooms

Modular portable clean rooms can accommodate functions such as a sound or equipment enclosure to pharmaceutical and sterile applications. Modular cleanroom walls, floors, ceilings and mechanical components can provide a contaminant-free environment, effectively allowing control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration.

Clean Room Applications: Isolation room, Screening Rooms, Modular Laboratories, Semiconductor wafer fabrication production, environmental rooms, compounding pharmacies, pharmaceutical packaging facilities, grow rooms

Portable Office Buildings

Portable buildings are ideal for both interior and exterior uses including kiosks, parking booths, taxi dispatch offices, toll booths, guardhouses, ticket booths, rental car offices and cashiers' booths.  Portable buildings provide years of maintenance free service, and feature windows, sliding doors and swing doors.  Prefabricated buildings are shipped fully assembled and can be fitted for forklift pockets for easy relocation.

Portable Buildings: shelters, guard houses, gate houses, equipment enclosures, smoking shelters, observation towers, ticket booths, parking booths

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