NLE Model 727 SteelTrak™ Hinged Steel Belt Conveyor

New London Engineering Model 727 SteelTrak™ Tapered Infeed – Cold Header Conveyor is versatile for cold heading, dies, machining, presses and parts handling operations

TYPE: Hinge Metal Belt Conveyor


Designed to fit into very tight spaces inside or under existing machines, it features a unique tapered lower horizontal infeed section which allows for feeding the conveyor from very low machinery. The infeed section is standard liquid tight, complete conveyor liquid tight is available as an option.

The conveyor has a “tapered” frame depth of (6-5/8” to 4-1/8” to 6-5/8”) and is designed to fit inside or under an existing machine or inside very tight spaces. It features a tapered lower horizontal infeed section, tapering from 6-5/8" to 4-1/8", back to a 6-5/8" allowance. 

Cold header conveying equipment with tapered infeed is typically used for removal of stamping material from underneath stamping presses, underground scrap distribution systems and trailer/scrap container filling systems. Conveyors are available in steel hinged belt and steel hinged plate designs.

Model 727 Conveyors offer Steeltrak™ features; New London Engineering’s SteelTrak™ Hinged Steel Belt Conveyors are designed to:

  • Convey nearly any type of metal scrap.
  • They offer a long-term, low-maintenance solution for industrial, scrap, steel chip, and fastener applications.
  • Convey hot oily parts from punch presses, forging machines, etc. to drums or hoppers
  • Their various apron, sidewing, siderail, and frame designs will make your waste removal easy and efficient.
  • The TruTrak™ flanged rollers remove the side-to-side movement of the belt within the belt track. Eliminating belt sway on the track also erases rub against the frame, as well as wear and tear to the conveyor frame, belt axles, sidewings, and cotter pins. 
  • TruTrak’s™ features also are the perfect choice in applications where prevention of downtime is a priority.

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