OveR-Way™ Heavy Duty Power and Free Conveyor

OveR-Way™ is the ideal high-capacity solution for transporting and storing work-in-process.

TYPE: Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Conveyor Systems

MODEL: OveR-Way Heavy Duty

OveR-Way™ Heavy Duty Conveyors combine power and flexibility into an over/under configuration.

The OveR-Way™ conveyor system combines power and free flexibility with a heavy duty over and under configuration.  It combines the effectiveness of the Zig-Zag™ power conveyor with the durability of two 3" toe-to-toe load channels.  OveR-Way™ is a high capacity solution for transporting and storing work-in-process items.


  • Eleven Standard Zig-Zag Components
    OveR-Way utilizes the same standard components used in Zig-Zag™ chain conveyors.
  • Rugged Design
    OveR-Way’s load track consists of two 3”, 4.1 lb. toe-to-toe channels for high-wear applications. It is built to withstand the rigor of a wide variety of applications, our designs are both durable and dependable.
  • Control Systems
    OveR-Way is available with a variety of state-of-the-art control systems, ranging from simple PLC-based controls to complex PC-based routing and tracking systems.
  • Modular Components
    OveR-Way components are modular and factory-stocked to minimize lead times for fast-track projects.
  • High Capacity
    With Single Over-way™ carriers that support loads up to 1,000 pounds and Tandem carriers that can handle loads up to 2,000 pounds, we do all the heavy lifting so you can sit back and relax.
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • OveR-Way™ controls production rates by ensuring that the parts arrive at the correct option in a continuous flow
  • OveR-Way™ eliminates needless production, rehandling and manual transporting by accomplishing finishing and/or assembly processes with a single material handling system.
  • OveR-Way maintains a traveling record of work-in-process; logging information about where product has been and where defects may have occurred.
  • OveR-Way frees up valuable floor space by organizing product flow and utilizing available overhead space
  • OveR-Way™ uses an enclosed track that prevents contaminants from falling onto the product. It also protects the chain from dirt, abrasives and solvents, extending chain life.


  • Paint Finishing Systems
  • Investment Casting Systems
  • Comber Lap Delivery
  • Aerospace Finishing
  • Extrusion Finishing
  • Progressive Assembly
  • WIP Buffer Storage
  • Sliver Can Delivery
  • Fiber Delivery
  • Assembly Line
  • Long Load Handling

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