Overhead Safety Gate on a mezzanine protects employees from injury, and allows safe and convenient mezzanine access by forklifts

TYPE: Mezzanine Gates

MODEL: Overhead Safety Gate

On Mezzanines, Overhead Safety Gates Ensure Safe And Efficient Worker Movement

Many companies look to maximize existing space within their facilities by building mezzanines & elevated work platforms to create additional work areas or storage. An Overhead Safety Gate on the mezzanine protects employees from injury and allows safe and convenient mezzanine access by forklifts. Designed for smooth and reliable operation, the overhead safety gate occupies a small footprint and protects workers and material from falling off the mezzanine. This gate is stocked in safety yellow so they are ready to ship quickly.

While mezzanines increase warehouse space efficiency, they also increase the risk of injury to employees who work on or in the immediate area.  Safe and efficient movement of palletized material to and from your mezzanine is a requirement and safety regulations are in place to mitigate the inherent risks workers face in a warehouse or industrial facility. Contact the experts at Thomas Conveyor to implement the Wildeck Overhead Safety Gate in your production or manufacturing facility.

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