Rail Systems Automation Solutions RonI Mechspace™

The Mechspace Pro is a pneumatic momentum absorbing lifter that is ergonomically designed for easy control, working reach and movement within a large working area. The momentum absorbing features are advantageous for complex material handling operations as well as gripping and rotating unusual loads.

TYPE: Movomech™ Rail Systems

MODEL: Mechspace™

The Mechspace™ is a pneumatic, momentum absorbing, ergonomic lifter for applications needing an extensive range of movement.

RonI’s Mechspace™ is a pneumatic, momentum absorbing manipulator that is extremely easy to manoeuver that gives ergonomic freedom of movement within a large working area.
The Mechspace™ is a great product when the working reach is of high importance, such as when the operator is working under a protruding roof, inside a vehicle, or in a working area with restricted accessibility. The momentum absorbing features provide advantages for complex material handling operations, and for gripping and rotation of irregular or unconventional loads.
Safety is a top concern with a Mechspace™ manipulator. Users will experience a noticeable increase in productivity as well as a reduction in workplace injuries.

RonI ergonomic lifters specialize in product movement, lifting, pouring, turning, positioning and loading.  Systems integrators at Thomas Conveyor can assist you in determining which ergonomic lift and end effector will best work for you application. Contact Thomas Conveyor today!


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