Rail Systems Automation Solutions RonI Mechstack ™

Movomech Mechstack™ is a strong, electrically powered industrial lifting manipulator for efficient material handling and for stacking loads of up to 1430 lbs.

TYPE: Movomech™ Rail Systems

MODEL: Mechstack™

The Mechstack ™ is a powerful electrically powered industrial lifting manipulator used for moving heavy sheet components and stacking loads of up to 1400 lbs.

Mechstack™ from RonI is a manipulator for handling and loads up to 1400 lbs.  Typical applications for the Mechstack™ are the stacking of heavy or bulky items onto pallets or pallet storage, and the collection and delivery of items at material depots.

The Mechstack™ is mounted on a Movomech Mechrail™ system, composed of light-weight aluminum extruded components. Once mounted the MechStack offers precision controlled sideways motions.  A Mechstack™ can also be mounted on a wall creating an assembly or stacking station. The lifter has a lift stroke of up to 15' and is controlled by joystick via a frequency converter.

Mechstack™ is perfect for stacking heavy or large sheet type components onto pallets or pallet racks and collecting or delivering components from a material supply area. Lift, turn, position and load heavy panels, glass, doors, and sheets using Mechstack™.  A variety of end effector tooling attachments can be added to customize the Mechrail™ system. For lighter loads refer to the light capacity Mechstick device.

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