Rail Systems Automation Solutions RonI Mechstick™

The Mechstick™ ergonomic manipulator lifts panels, doors, glass and sheet metal

TYPE: Movomech™ Rail Systems

MODEL: Mechstick™

The Mechstick™ is an electric manipulator for handling loads of up to 70 kg

RonI’s Mechstick™ is a momentum absorbing manipulator used for handling and stacking loads. The Mechstick™ can handle and stack loads up to 110 pounds. The lifter has a stroke of up to 6.5' and is available in an electric version. The pneumatic Mechstick™ is controlled by a lift cylinder and related controllers. It can be installed on a wall and serve as an assembly or stacking station.
The Mechstick™ can also be installed in a ceiling mounted rail system (MechRail™) composed of light-weight aluminum extruded components. It can be easily expanded and is equipped with a flexible track or crane. A variety of end effector tooling attachments can be added to customize the MechRail™ system. Mechstick™ is typically utilized in a wide array of handling applications such as doors, windows, glass panels, plates, and panels.

The experts at Thomas Conveyor are available to assist you with your next ergonomic lifting application and determine which RonI ergonomic lifting solution will work for your facility! Safe handling is of great importance to Thomas Conveyor. Safely and efficiently lift, move, rotate, and manipulate your products with the RonI Mechstick™.

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