Rapat Series SCR Belt Conveyor

The Rapat Series SCR Belt Conveyor is a computer designed conveyor, built for efficiency and durability with unmatched features and common sense engineering.

TYPE: Bulk Handling Conveyors

MODEL: Rapat Series SCR Belt Conveyor

The SCR Belt Conveyor is an economical, low maintenance conveyor designed to handle bulk product.  Its bolt together, modular construction allows for reduced freight costs, easy installation and uniform parts for convenient maintenance.


  • The shape of the Rapat SCR frame forms the belt into a trough, and the bulk product rides smoothly on top of the belt
  • Designed without internal flanges, eliminating contamination due to product build-up
  • The SCR has modular components, eliminating the need for custom conveyors.  Regardless of the length or width of the conveyor, the same basic parts are used.
  • The connector plates are identical throughout the conveyor, allowing for easy installation and an increase in overall conveyor rigidity and performance
  • Adjustable motor mount; designed to fit a variety of motors, adjustable for V-belt tensioning
  • Formed Trough; with self cleaning bed, contains all materials on the belt and reduces friction
  • Steel Construction; standard 14 ga. mild steel is used in frame construction; other materials are available.
  • Head Pulley; Standard 8", 12" and 18" head pulleys are lagged for positive drive without slippage
  • Hip Roof Covers; Optional full length, all weather covers provide full protection of your materials from the elements
  • Adjustable Take Up; Belt tracking and tensioning is made easy with protected screw take ups
  • Belt Options; Optional pattern top belt may be used in place of standard belting for incline applications.  Mechanical belt fasteners are standard.
  • Pillow Block Bearings; Heavy duty pillow block bearings on both head and tail sections.
  • Snub Pulley; Improves head pulley traction for reduced wear.


  • Materials conveyed include grain, corn, seed, beans, fertilizer, recyclables, wood blocks, sand, and other loose bulk materials


  • Lengths: Any length is available. All conveyors are custom made to fit your needs.
  • Belt: Smooth PVC belt with mechanical fastener. Available in 18" to 42" widths. Frame is designed with no internal flanges to prevent product contamination.
  • Carrying Idlers: 2” diameter flat carrying idlers are spaced every 12” to reduce belt wear and lower horsepower requirements.
  • Drive: V-belt drive with roller chain final drive.
  • Frame: Modular, bolt-together frame has uniform sides - no confusing right or left sides! Easier repair and replacement along with reduced freight costs.
  • Covers: Optional Hip Roof covers for weatherproof installations.
  • Power: Can be powered with single phase or three phase electric motors
  • Pulleys: 8", 12" and 18" diameter lagged head with adjustable snub and tail pulleys for greater traction. Our protected screw take-up allows positive belt tracking and tensioning adjustment without seizing!


  • Optional Tripper
    The SCR Tripper moves along the conveyor length via manual or electric power.  The main belt moves through the Tripper, feeding product onto a cross conveyor.  A fully reversible cross conveyor allows product flow to either end of the conveyor.  The cross conveyor moves along its own "track" to fill large storage facilities with multiple discharge points.  Available with shuttling and reversing cross conveyor to fill in multiple directions
  • Gravity Take Up; Avaliable in tower or horizontal configurations for long conveyors
  • Metal Skirting; Adjustable, bolt-on metal skirting keeps product centered on belt reducing spillage at transitions.
  • Angle Flange Inlet; Bolt-on adjustable metal skirting to assure proper flow of material onto the belt
  • Crescent Top Belt; For incline applications, depending on product handled
  • Bend Section; Designed for use when gradual inclines are necessary.
  • 12" Diameter Drive Pulley; Recommended for longer and higher capacity conveyors.
  • Gear Reducer Drive; Right-angle gear reducer (C face motor required) or shaft mounted gear reducer (foot mount motor required). For heavy-use operations, or applications requiring a slow belt speed.

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