TYPE: Power Accessories

MODEL: Conveyor Stops
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Pneumatic Power Conveyor Stops used where Automatic Line Control is Required

With Roach Pneumatic Roller and Blade Stops, you can stop and start product traffic without stopping and starting conveyor motors. Most are pneumatically-operated and mounted beneath the conveyor surface with a stainless steel blade or set of pins which extends above and retracts below the roller surface between roller shafts on command. These are used on power conveyors only. Customized product stops can also be mounted above the conveyor surface, as needs dictate. Because they are modular, product stops can be relocated and/or added as product handling needs change.  These units can be modified by the engineering department for custom needs, or purchased standard for most applications.

Thomas Conveyor has systems integrators available to design your conveyor application using Roach Pneumatic Roller and Blade Stops. They are used where automatic line control is required such as accumulation, indexing, inspection stations, etc. This particular stop is normally used on variable pressure accumulators and live roller conveyors.  Contact us today.

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