TYPE: Expandable / Accordion Conveyors

MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Powered Flexible Conveyor for Shipping and Receiving Operations

The Powerflex Powered Flexible Conveyor can instantly set up conveyor lines for shipping, receiving and assembly, packaging, and plant floors. The conveyor is designed for those times when a fixed conveyor is not applicable and a non-powered solution is not practical. These conveyors are perfect for loading and unloading boxes and cases into or out of trailers.  They are easy and quick to maneuver in or out of trucks for more efficient, safer, easier loading and unloading. Motor power ensures a maximum 2 person operation on even the longest runs.   The Powerflex can also be used as a temporary conveyor for various distribution applications.

The Powerflex Powered Flexible Conveyor is a durable sturdy product.  Band-driven, 1.5" rollers are powered by a 90 volt DC motor.  Height adjustment and an expansion ratio of 3:1 allows the Powerflex to be a truly flexible conveyor solution, perfect for shipping and receiving areas or other applications where straight conveyors may be unsuitable for the area.

Systems integrators are available at Thomas Conveyor to determine if the Powerflex Powered Flexible Conveyor is the correct conveyor for your application. Contact us today!


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