TYPE: Power Accessories

MODEL: Take up
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

The Most Common Take-Ups to Ensure Adequate Tension on Belt

The Screw Type Auxiliary Take-Up (for Live Rollers) is the most commonly used manual take up. With a screw take up system, the take up pulley rotates in two bearing blocks which may slide on stationery guide ways with the help of two screws. The tension is created by the two screws which are tightened and periodically adjusted with a spanner. It is preferable to use screws with trapezoidal thread to decrease the effort required to tighten the belt.  Screw type auxiliary take-ups are the most common take-ups used on Roach Models 138VP, 196VP, 138LR, 196CALR, 196ZPA and 251CALR for additional belt take-up.

All belt conveyors require the use of some form of take up device to ensure adequate tension of the belt leaving the drive pulley so as to avoid any slippage of the belt, to ensure proper belt tension at the loading and other points along the conveyor, to compensate for changes in belt length due to elongation and to provide extra length of belt when necessary for splicing purposes.

The systems integrators at Thomas Conveyor will ensure the Screw Type Auxiliary Take-Up (for Live Rollers) are properly included in your conveyor system design. Contact us today.

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