Ryson Narrow Trak Vertical Spiral Conveyor

Ryson Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor is a space saving verticle conveyor. One of the many benefits of spiral inclines or decline conveyors are pick module merging and accumulation

TYPE: Vertical Conveyors

MODEL: Ryson Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor

A super compact vertical conveyor for handling cartons, totes, boxes and unit loads.  The Narrow Trak Spiral Conveyor is a great space saver that offers high throughput and runs at speeds in excess of 200 fpm.


  • The super compact Narrow Trak Spiral is designed to handle small loads and has an outside diameter of only 3′-7”. 
  • The modular design concept makes it easy to custom configure the spirals and accommodate the customers’ specific layouts.
  • It offers a significantly larger elevation change capacity than what is currently available in the small package marketplace today. 
  • The conveyor slats are attached to a heavy-duty steel chain and are supported by precision steel roller bearings. This arrangement efficiently takes up the side forces caused by the tight radius and at the same time increases the load capacity of the chain. It also facilitates smooth operation, low noise, high speed, low maintenance, and long life.
  • Modular Design makes it easy to configure and customize
  • Nesting slats provide an efficient,flat, gapless conveying surface that is available in 6" and 9" wide versions.
  • Automatic chain tensioner and a built-in overload protection device


  • A new 6” wide nesting slat has the capability to end-transfer small cartons and packages, or side-transfer small bottles and containers in a single file or in mass at speeds up to 200 FPM. 
  • This is a good alternative to side gripper elevators because the spirals do not need to be adjusted for varying product sizes and require much less maintenance. 
  • This chain slat conveyor provides low friction operation.
  • Space savings is one of the many benefits of spiral inclines or decline conveyors.
  • Spirals take up a fraction of the floor space of traditional conveyors.
  • Merging capabilities on or off the conveyor is another advantage.
  • Pick modules specifically benefit with vertically merging products from multiple levels onto one take away conveyor line.
  • Accumulation of product is also a benefit provided by spiral conveyors which allow increased buffer time by requiring minimal floor space.



  • Available in hybrid stainless steel, suitable for wet or washdown applications washdown safe icon
  • Friction inserts for additional grip
  • Micro Pitch Conveyor Accessory

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