Sentinel™ Selective Pallet Rack

Sentinel™ Selective Pallet Rack is designed to be both durable and adjustable.

TYPE: Pallet Flow Racking and Case Flow Racking Systems

MODEL: Sentinel™ Selective Pallet Rack

Sentinel® Selective Pallet Rack gives you all the advantages of structural steel. Using structural steel instead of roll-formed steel allows for a more durable product. Structural steel is heavier, with stronger channel corners and thicker gauge metal columns, allowing the finished product to withstand higher abuse.

Sentinel™ Selective Pallet Rack is designed to be both durable and adjustable.


  • No unique tools or clips needed for assembly; only requires a standard wrench to bolt together 
  • Flexibility to adjust on 1″ and 3″ centers
  • All components fully interchangeable
  • Reel Support Bracket Optional Add-On – Converts standard rack to a reel-on coil storage solution


  • Rub Rail: Heavy horizontal impact channel used at floor level to protect upright or frame from vehicle or pallet damage.  
  • Post Protectors: Heavy structural steel protectors affords added security against abuse from handling equipment.
  • Safety Bar: Prevents pallets that are placed inaccurately from falling through the rack.
  • Pallet Support: Support member that allows storage of smaller pallets in an opening.
  • Row End Protectors: Structural steel channels used at the end of each aisle to serve as a guard preventing frame damage.  

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