Vacuhand / Easyhand Vacuum Tube Lifter

The RonI Vacuhand is a vacuum tube lifter for glass, sheet & panel handling applications.

MODEL: Vacuhand Easyhand

The Vacuhand / Easyhand vacuum tube lifter is capable of lifting products of various shapes, sizes, and weights safely and efficiently. This end effector can be paired with the Movomech Crane System or Movomech Rail System.

RonI offers two types of conventional vacuum tube lift products: the Vacuhand and the Easyhand (Electric or Pneumatic Version).  Both are operated using an electrically drive vacuum pump.  For sensitive, controlled or explosion proof areas, these units can be operated using a compressed air vacuum pump ejector, but conditions apply. 

The Roni Vacuhand and Easyhand are vacuum lifter end effectors; the lifting and lowering functions are managed with a simple to use throttle.  They are maintenance free, energy efficient, and cost effective.

The RonI Vacuhand and Easyhand vacuum tube lifters can be used free standing, ceiling hung, or column mounted by pairing it with a Movomech™ crane system (jib crane) or to a Movomech™ rail system.

Vacuhand Features

  • Designed for a Two Handed Grip
  • Handles Loads up to 440 lb Capacity
  • Load Retaining "Permanent" Magnets
  • Compressor Activated “Permanent” Magnets
  • End-effector Positioning with Removable Mount Remote Controller or Lift Mast Mounted Control Module
  • Designed for minimum air leakage with secured performance and lower energy consumption
  • Handle controls allow for easy adjustment to the hovering settings regardless of load size or materials
  • Foot Activated Brakes
  • Adjustable Handlebar Height
  • 4 Swivel Casters
  • EMC Compliant
  • Available in Stainless/Steel Anodized Finish
  • Available in Power Coated Paint/Anodized Finish
  • Ideal for handling steel & glass sheets, panels, bags, cartons, furniture, boxes, fuel tanks & food products

Easyhand Features

  • Handles loads up to 55 pounds
  • Designed for a single-hand grip
  • The lifting and lowering functions are regulated through a simple-to-use throttle
  • Great for lifting sacks, boxes, and materials such as glass, metal sheets, and doors

The Vacuhand product line has a wide variety of standard end effectors, attachments, tooling and manipulators available, including vacuum cups and vacuum pads.  Custom options are always welcome, and we will happily work with you to determine a customized Vacuhand configuration that will provide the best solution for your operation. 

Please click HERE to see the available Vacuhand end effector/tooling options. 

For more information on the Vacuhand or Easyhand vacuum tube lifter, please contact a Thomas Conveyor & Equipment automation engineer at 800 220 0086 or click on the Contact Us button above.

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