4XLift™ Heavy Duty Material Lift

4 Post Heavy Duty Material Lift : The new standard for heavy duty elevated lifting.  This unit can handle up to 30,000 lbs.

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TYPE: Mechanical Lifts - Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors VRCs

MODEL: Mechanical Cantilever VRC

4 Post Heavy Duty Material Lift : The new standard for heavy duty elevated lifting

The 4XLift™ from Wildeck is one of their newest, most powerful lifters yet.
The heavy duty, four post 4XLift™ includes Wildeck's patented AutoSenz® D-Series Overload Detection System that continually monitors motor currents and stops the lift should a jam occur.


  • The 4XLift™ is designed to move your heaviest and most ungainly items between the multiple levels of a warehouse or plant.
  • The "standard" 4XLift™ seamlessly lifts material weighing up to 15,000 lbs.
  • The "high load" unit moves loads up to 30,000 lbs. Higher load capacity 4-post lifts are also available. 

Lift Capacity: 

  • Standard - Up to 15,000 lbs.
  • High Load - Up to 30,000 lbs.

Lifting Speed: 

  • Standard travel speed is 20 fpm. Higher speeds are available.

Carriage Platform:

  • Up to 12 ft. wide x 30 ft. long.
  • Custom sizes available
  • Pit-less Flat Plate carriage available on some sizes (eliminates loading ramp or pit requirements)

Loading/Unloading Pattern:

  • “C”, “Z”, 90° or 4 Sided Configuration

Lift Height/Levels:

  • Standard – Ground floor plus 1-stop
  • Multi-level operation is available.

Mechanical Lifting System:

  • The 4XLift™ features a rugged lifting motor rated for continuous heavy duty.
    Reliable heavy-duty roller chains, a high service factor gearbox, and an alloy steel driveshaft have been specially designed for this unit.

Paint Finish:

  • The standard VRC paint color is Wildeck Gray
  • Optional colors available
  • Purchased components are painted per vendor standards
  • A computer-controlled 7-step process electrostatically applies a uniform 2-part polyurethane coating similar to an automotive clear-coat finish.

Operations & Controls

Control Panel & Call/Send Stations:

  • The main control panel is rated NEMA 12
  • NEMA 4 call/send stations are included
  • Each level has self-maintained push buttons and an oversized, flat head Emergency Stop
  • Optional “Lift Present” lights on Call/Send Stations, Key-Locked or Key-Pad secured controls and stations; Other options may be available


  • UL-508A Labeled Control Panel
  • 208/230/460 VAC, 3-phase (Single-phase option available)
  • Control voltage is 24 volts
  • Optional "Factory Pre-wired" call/send stations and gate interlocks are available

Safety/Guarding Features


  • ANSI/ASME B20.1 code requires safety gates and 8' high guarding on all accessible sides of the lift
  • 4XLift™ gates have electrical and mechanical interlocks that prevent VRC operation if the gates are not fully closed, and gates cannot be opened if the carriage is not at the designated level

Carriage Safety Options:

Wildeck VRC's have a standard carriage freefall device. Optional safety carriage locking devices are available to prevent the accidental descent of a raised carriage. When the VRC arrives at an upper level stop, the system locks the carriage enclosure either through automatic (SafeLock™) or manual (DeckStop™) means. 

  • SafeLock™: Automatic; failsafe, the carriage locks automatically when arriving at the
    designated level.
  • DeckStop™: Manual; simple, and reliable. Locking arms provide a highly visible barrier at the loading area.

Additional Safety Options Include:

  • CargoLok™ Carriage Gate— Encloses and secures large rolling loads
  • ArmorCar™ Carriage — A fully-enclosed VRC carriage for additional freight safeguarding
    Heavy Duty Landing Level Gates – Used for heavy duty applications or applications prone to impact during load

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