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An Ergonomic Botheration


An Ergonomic Botheration

By Clint Yonkers
(Sales Engineer, Thomas Conveyor & Equipment)

Recently, Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Company was approached by a department manager working for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer located in Texas. The client needed assistance with an ergonomic handling problem.

The problem: The client required a device which could lift, transport, rotate and then position 50-gallon smooth sided plastic barrels weighing up to 170 lbs. each. The plastic barrels were going to be positioned next to a table press.

Each of the barrels required a lift of 90” to a height where the contents could be scooped out manually by an operator standing on a platform and dispensed accordingly.

The application would be applied to several different types of ingredients, depending on the end product manufactured.

The solution: Lift-O-Flex Ergonomic Lifters

Lift O Flex Lifters are light weight and precision built lifters featuring a manual transverse and battery operated lift/rotate feature. Each lifter can be supplied with customized tooling allowing a host of different methods for grasping, lifting, turning and rotating.

These lifters are specifically designed and manufactured to suit each application, no matter how stringent. A manual foot operated, three position central brake system allows for the rear casters to be set at either a freewheeling swivel or locked for single directional travel. 

These lifters are available in standard powder coated/aluminum anodized construction or in stainless steel wipe or washdown versions. The clients’ application takes place in several cleanroom locations and the environment dictated a stainless steel wipe down unit. 

There were many special requirements that had to be met to satisfy their needs. More challenges arose since this process is highly proprietary and certain security clearances had to be obtained before proceeding forward.

A custom rotate feature was incorporated to aid in the accessibility of the contents for the operator. To also improve the flexibility of use, this lifter utilized a telescopic mast allowing easy transitions between processing rooms though a standard door with inside dimensions measuring 36” wide x 96” tall.

A special remote control feature was also included allowing all lifter functions (lift & rotate) to be activated by the operator located on a platform. 

See the Lift o Flex In Action here.  

Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Company is an authorized and factory trained distributor of Lift-O-Flex ergonomic lifters. 

The next time you encounter a near impossible product handling application, contact the specialists at Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Company for a solution. Our systems integrators have the expertise to help you with all your ergonomic lifting applications.

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