FlexLoader™ Material Conveyor System

A FlexLoader Material Conveyor System integrates a Wildeck VRC with Safety Gates and an automated, flush mount conveyor system into one work platform designed to maximize space usage.

TYPE: Mechanical Lifts - Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors VRCs

MODEL: FlexLoader™ Material Conveyor System

A FlexLoader Material Conveyor System integrates a Wildeck VRC with Safety Gates and an automated, flush mount conveyor system into one work platform designed to maximize available space.

The FlexLoader components: VRC, Safety Gates, & Perimeter Guarding are designed for heavy duty automation needs.  They provide a cost effective solution and are designed to provide the ultimate in safety for personnel.

FlexLoader™ Features:

  • Utilizes existing overhead space
  • Increased operational productivity
  • Aids in safe work environments
  • Eliminates elevator inspections and code issues
  • Maintains lift compliance

How it Works:

  1. The overhead safety gate is raised by the operator, which shields the open shaft, allowing materials to be loaded onto the specialized roller conveyor.
  2. Product is then loaded into the flush mount conveyor section with a pallet jack or forklift.
  3. The safety gate is closed, preventing personnel from entering the lift platform area.
  4. The load is lifted and delivered to the assigned level by the VRC
  5. The safety gate is then opened at the receiving level to unload the product
  6. The sequence can be repeated at any level, with "C", "Z" or "H" loading patterns. 

Integrated Conveyor

  • Can be supplied by the customer (with Wildeck factory mounting), or
  • Can be supplied by Thomas Conveyor & Equipment
  • A flush mounted conveyor on each floor  assists with easy product loading and unloading with a standard pallet jack or forklift

Separate inbound and outbound lanes can be designated at each level.  This provides:

  • “C", “Z” or “H" Loading Patterns.

Paint Finish:

  • The VRC carriage and conveyor framing are painted standard Wildeck Gray (ANSI 49 Gray)
  • The Overhead Safety Gates are painted Safety Yellow.
  • A computer-controlled 7-step process electrostatically applies a tough 2-part polyurethane coating with superior results similar to an automotive clear-coat finish. Wildeck’s new eco-friendly 100% phosphate-free metal pre-treatment process maintains the finish and improves paint line productivity, reduction of emissions and waste, and lowers energy consumption.
  • Purchased components are painted as per the vendors’ standard product.

Operations & Controls

Standard control package includes:

  • AutoSenz® “D-Series” overload detection system with full diagnostics and programmable VRC service reminder
  • Emergency stop buttons at load points
  • Full maintenance jog controls for horizontal and vertical movement on the main control panel
  • Destination selector buttons at the infeed on multi-level systems


The FlexLoader™ system incorporates Wildeck Safety Gates at the infeed and discharge points to:

  • Protect staff from the open shaft and moving equipment 
  • Prevents loads from accidentally being pushed into or down the elevation shaft

Signaling system (lights and/or alarms) are available to alert:

  • System is in “Auto Mode”
  • System is in “Manual Mode”
  • System status
  • Errors or faults

Carriage Safety Options:

Wildeck VRC's have a standard carriage freefall device. Optional safety carriage locking devices are available to prevent the accidental descent of a raised carriage. When the VRC arrives at an upper level stop, the system locks the carriage enclosure either through automatic (SafeLock™) or manual (DeckStop™) means. 

  • SafeLock™: Automatic; failsafe, the carriage locks automatically when arriving at the
    designated level.
  • DeckStop™: Manual; simple, and reliable. Locking arms provide a highly visible barrier at the loading area.

Additional Safety Options Include:

  • CargoLok™ Carriage Gate— Encloses and secures large rolling loads
  • ArmorCar™ Carriage — A fully-enclosed VRC carriage for additional freight safeguarding
    Heavy Duty Landing Level Gates – Used for heavy duty applications or applications prone to impact during load

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