LIFT-O-FLEX® Vaccine Lifter

Lift O Flex Vaccine Loader Lifter shown lifting a vat of vaccine liquids onto a trolley

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Video showing Lift-O-Flex transporting Coronavirus vaccine into a freezer unit.

TYPE: LIFT-O-FLEX™ Ergonomic Lifters

MODEL: Lift-O-Flex Vaccine Lifter

The LIFT-O-FLEX™ Vaccine Lifter is an adjustable ergonomic lifter with several end effector options for the transportation, testing and storage of liquid vaccines in the phamarceutical industry.

Due to the overwhelming need for pharmaceutical processing of Coronavirus vaccines, the sanitary and ergonomic handling of these resources is of immediate consideration.  Vaccine handling can include Filling, freezing, storing, thawing and dispensing of these medications.

Proper ergonomic lifting of such valued bulk liquids is essential.  

The Lift-O-Flex® vaccine lifter can be configured with stainless steel trays, squeeze attachments or fork/prong attachments to facilitate the transport of bulk medicines throughout the manufacturing processes.  Other end effectors are available and can be configured to best fit your application.

Features of the LIFT-O-FLEX® Base Unit

  • The LIFT-O-FLEX™ is an ergonomic material handling solution that is designed to lift, move, invert and rotate totes and vats, as other products of similar size and shape.    
  • The LIFT-O-FLEX™ has a wide variety of standard end effectors, attachments, tooling and manipulators available.  The end effectors, or attachments, are completely interchangeable. This allows for interchangeability between lifters, allowing the user to meet their ergonomic lifting needs while providing flexibility with interchangeable tooling without incurring the cost of a complete replacement.
  • LIFT-O-FLEX™ and its tooling attachments are available in a powder coated finish, anodized aluminum or stainless steel construction. Wash down versions are available. 
  • Custom options are always welcome, and we will happily work with you to determine a customized LIFT-O-FLEX™ configuration that will provide the best solution for your operation. 

1900/19500 Features

  • The RonI LIFT-O-FLEX™ is intended to assist you with lifting loads where a forklift would be considered too heavy and cumbersome.
  • The 19000 series has a lift capacity of 350 lbs.
  • The 19500 series has a lift capacity of 500 lbs.  
  • Anodized Aluminum Profiles
    Intermediate Sections-Standard and Custom lengths
    Lift Masts
  • Steel (Powder Coated Paint-Optional SS)
    Legs-Bolted to Intermediate
    Adjustable Handlebar Height
    Power Pack Cover
  • Standard and custom leg configurations and heights
    Swivel and fixed casters
  • Standard and custom length lift masts
  • Foot operated 3 position central brake system on rear casters
    Brake, free wheeling and center lock (trailing)
  • Lift mast slip clutch on the down movement provides for safe load handling
  • Current limiting (no limit switches) provide for load limiting and stops
  • Totally enclosed lift mast w/ball screw for smooth up and down DC powered movement
  • Electronic power pack can be provided with either standard or heavy-duty batteries
    Power packs are also exchangeable allowing for multi-shift operation
  • Detachable remote controller
    Provides the operator with control over load handling functions.
  • Handlebar is operator adjusted to achieve ergonomic operation


  • Minimum Lift Height: 56mm (~2.2”)
  • Lift-Speed 19000 Series:100mm/sec (4”/sec)
  • Lift-Speed 19500 Series: 50mm/sec (2”/sec)
  • Legs-Standard (Overall Length): Std Length 984mm (38.75”)
    Long 1184mm (46.62”)
    X-Long 1384mm (54.5”)
  • Legs:Low Profile (Overall Length) Std Length 961mm (37.84”)
    Long 1161mm (45.72”)-X-Long 1361mm (53.6”) Legs
    X-Low Profile (Overall Length) Std Length 900mm (35.4”)-Long 1110mm (39.7”)
  • Wheel Material: Polyurethane/Rubber
  • Wheel Diameter (Front/Back): Standard 100mm (3.9”)/150mm (5.9”)-Front Single Swivel
  • Wheel Diameter (Front/Back): Low built 62mm (2.44”)/100mm (3.9”)-Front Dual Swivel
  • Wheel Diameter (Front/Back): X-Low built 76mm (2.9”)/150mm (5.9”)-Front Fixed Castor
  • Width: Outside Std-556mm (21.8”)
    Wide 680mm (26.7”)
    X-Wide 858mm (33.4”)
  • Noise level: >70dB(A)
  • Maximum Load 19000 Series: 160Kg (350-lbs)
  • Maximum Load 19500 Series: 225Kg (500-lbs)
  • Lifter Weight w/o End-Effector: 90Kg (198-lbs)
  • Battery Type: Lead Gel Cell
  • Battery Voltage: 24V, 2 Amp
  • Battery Capacity:  7.2 AHr
  • Recharge Time: 6-8 Hours
  • Finish: Powder Coated Paint/Anodized or Stainless Steel/Anodized

Please click HERE to see the available LIFT-O-FLEX™ end effector/tooling options. 

For more information on the LIFT-O-FLEX™ Vaccine Lifter please contact a Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Ergonomic Automation Engineer at 844 220 0086 or click on the Contact Us button above.

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