Medium Duty Chain Driven Live Roller Curve Conveyor, Roach Model 192CDLRC

TYPE: Chain Driven Live Roller CDLR Conveyors


Curved Chain Driven Live Roller Conveyor with 12 Gauge Thread Rollers for Medium Duty Applications

The Medium Duty Chain Driven Live Roller Curve Roach Model 192CDLRC transports medium duty unit loads which do not require product orientation. Roach Model 192CDLRC is designed to transport medium duty loads such as castings, containers, loaded pallets, totes, or drums.  It comes with a reversible drive which can be mounted on the side or underside.

Chain Drive Live Roller Conveyor Systems, or CDLR conveyor systems, are one of the most common floor-supported conveyor styles in use. CDLR conveyor systems are ideal for transporting medium to heavy loads at controlled speeds for many industries. They are easy to maintain and can take a lot of abuse without damage. Rollers may be mild steel, galvanized or stainless steel for special applications. Where impact loads are possible, thicker gauge roller material and upgraded bearings will be specified.  One of the advantages of CDLR Conveyor Curve systems is that these conveyors allow the product being moved on them to accumulate. This creates a buffer system, where the line can be maintained in a full state. Where it is necessary to singulate the loads again, a device, known as an escapement, meters the products out from the flow on the conveyor to release them one at a time. Delivery systems inside assembly and manufacturing plants are therefore a very common application for products like seats, wheels and tires, pallets and other products that ride on containers with smooth surfaces underneath.

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