Heavy Duty Zero Pressure Accumulator, Roach Model SZ251ZPA Smart Zone™

Roach Model SZ251ZPA Conveyor with Smart Zone® is a heavy duty zero pressure accumulator, designed to accumulate heavy products, containers and pallets in 5’ zones

TYPE: Accumulation Conveyors

MODEL: Roach SZ251ZPA Smart Zone™

Zero Pressure Live Roller Accumulation Conveyor for Heavy Duty Accumulation Applications

A Roach SZ251ZPA Smart Zone™ is a heavy duty zero pressure accumulator, designed to accumulate heavy products, containers, and pallets in 5’ zones.

The Roach Conveyor design incorporates photoelectric sensors, instead of sensor rollers, eliminating many common problems associated with conveying wooden pallets.

The most common type of zero pressure conveyors use rollers for the transport of containers while using a retro-reflective photo eye to accumulate products into zones. The first box or pallet will travel down the conveyor and stop at the last photo-eye and then when the next box comes down, it will stop at the previous photo-eye not touching the first box, hence the term zero-pressure. This becomes very important when trying to convey various sizes and weights of product as the boxes should not come into contact with each other.

Products do not touch during accumulation and are singulated individually off of the conveyor.

Heavy loads weighing up to 3000lbs may be safely accumulated with a Roach SZ251ZPA Smart Zone™.  Roach Smart Zone™ replaces sensor rollers with photoelectric sensors to accumulate products with previously difficult minimal weight restrictions and is easy to install.

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