TYPE: Power Accessories

MODEL: Turning Wheel/Turning Post
MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Turning Wheel or Turning Post Assemblies used to Converge Or Diverge Product onto Spurs

Roach Turning Wheel and Turning Post Assemblies are commonly used in applications with converging or diverging spurs. Spurs are used when merging or diverging products, cases, tote, containers etc. They are ideally used where numerous lines must transfer onto a main conveyor line, from work stations or other similar operations. Incorporating the Roach Turning Wheel or Turning Post Assembly allows these simple transition devices to assist products with smooth transition to or from spur line.

Turning Wheels are efficient in converging 30 degree and 45 degree spur applications. This accessory can also be used at 90 degree transfers where Traffic Cops, Package Stops, and other product flow devices are incorporated. The wheel is mounted on an adjustable bracket to insure proper item orientation through transfer, reducing product damage and breakage. This accessory can be easily mounted to slider bed or side channels of powered and gravity conveyors.

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