Twin-Trak® Side by Side Conveyor by Richards-Wilcox

Twin-Trak® Side-By-Side Conveyor Richards-Wilcox can be used for overhead storage and product transportation

TYPE: Overhead Conveyor and Monorail Conveyor Systems

MODEL: TwinTrak

Side by side overhead conveyor for medium to high capacity applications.

The Twin-Trak™ Side-By-Side Conveyor System builds on the foundation of our monorail conveyor products. Richards-Wilcox Twin-Trak™ Conveyors combine power & free capability with a side-by-side track configuration. Twin-Trak™ offers the ideal medium and high-capacity solution where limited overhead space is available for product storage and transportation.

Twin-Trak™ can be built from pre-existing Richards-Wilcox systems, such as Safe-Rail™ and Zig-Zag™. Once a Safe-Rail™ monorail or a Zig-Zag™ chain conveyor system is in place, standard in-stock Richards-Wilcox parts can be added to create a Twin-Trak™ power & free system. By combining elements of the single track Safe-Rail™ with aspects of the industry-standard Zig-Zag™ chain conveyor, the Twin-Trak™ system creates a space-saving dual-track solution. The system also features cutting-edge controls, easy switching, and impressive weight capacity.

Richards-Wilcox Twin-Trak™ Side-By-Side Conveyors link all phases of the production process, from receiving to shipping. Total control is the foremost feature that Twin-Trak™ conveyors bring to your operation.

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