Central Plastic Resin Vacuum Blower Pump System Self Cleaning Filters Central Vacuum system plastic resin pellet

TYPE: Dust Collectors Separator Systems

Thomas Conveyor and Equipment manufactures Central Vacuum System Blower Pumps for plastic resin and pellets. The pumps are specifically designed to be self cleaning, to rid your operation from manual operator interaction to clean fines out of non self cleaning cartridge filter units. No more banging cartridge filters on the floor to clean. Clean up your vacuum conveying room. Designed for injection molding, blow molding, and extruding operations. Our machine is designed to protect your vacuum blower from fines carryover from filter less vacuum receivers. This skid mounted unit is heavy duty and can stand up the 1000’s of conveying cycles from your pneumatic conveying lines. We can also add a fines collection system to automatically vacuum convey all collected fines from all of your vacuum blower packages to a central collector Gaylord for disposal.

Our skid mounted vacuum blower package includes: 

• Roots, Tuthill, Duroflow or Kaeser positive displacement blowers 
• Premium efficient 3 phase motors • Blower discharge silencer
• Vacuum sequencing valve
• Vacuum inline filter to protect the blower
• Reverse pulse jet self cleaning dust collector to collect fines
• Slide gate discharge
• One piece- skid mounted- use of installation.
• Line sizes include 2” to 6” OD


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