Duroflow Blower Positive Displacement Model 3004VT

3004VT; Duroflow Blower; Pressure Vacuum; Schwitzer; Model GGBAABA; 184676;

TYPE: Duroflow Blowers

MODEL: Model 3004VT

Duroflow® Blowers Industrial Series Positive Displacement Blower & Vacuum Pump Model 3004-VT- GGBAABA

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The Duroflow Model 3004VT GGBAABA is used in pressure or vacuum pneumatic conveying systems. The blower is a key component in pneumatic conveying dry bulk powder handling systems.

Product features: •  2 1/2” line size- pipe or tube •  10 hp pressure- 5 hp (horsepower) vacuum •  Maximum pressure: 15 psi ---  maximum vacuum: 15" hg •  Maximum rpm: 4000 ---  connection size: 2.5" fpt •  Lubrication: aeon® synthetic oil (recommended)

Oil capacity- lubrication can be poured into (1) opening on either side of the blower. A bottom port (sump) allows oil to flow to the other side. Always check after ½ hour that lubrication is ½ way up the sight glass. Horizontal or vertical mounting of the blower determines the oil capacity. Horizontal mounted blowers: 28 oz, vertical mounted blowers: 16 oz. (ounces) Shipping weight: 140 pounds

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