Expand-O-Turn™ Attachment

The LIFT-O-FLEX™ Expand-O-Turn™ is an electric core expander for paper and film rolls.

MODEL: LIFT-O-FLEX™ Expand-O-Turn™

The Expand-O-Turn™ is an electric core expander for paper and film rolls. The Expand-O-Turn is an extension for the LIFT-O-FLEX base, which allows the operator to pick up rolls weighing up to 300 pounds* and manually rotate them at various heights in a horizontal position.

Expand-O-Turn Features

Core Grip Technology

  • Utilizes a core expander that does not involve teeth biting into the core
  • Core expander does not damage the core of the roll handler and can be used with both plastic and cardboard cores
  • Expand-O-Turn (EOT) allows for 90° rotation
  • Rolls can be moved from core vertical to core horizontal or core horizontal to core vertical
  • The core expander also utilizes wheels to aid in the removal of the roll from the core expander
  • Two standard sizes, with 3" and 6" cores. 
  • Custom core dimensions can order up to a maximum 10" core dimension.

How Does the Expand-O-Turn Work

  1. The expander slides into the core of the roll
  2. The operator then adjusts the grip (via a button) which grips the roll from the inside
  3. The pendant hand control raises or lowers the roll.
  4. Built-in safety feature controls prevent accidental release of the roll


  • Optional electric rotator allows for easy rotation of heavy rolls with ease for heavy loads.
  • Standard or custom quick disconnecting expanders are available for 3" and 6" cores (They provide an easy transition between different-sized expanders to accommodate multiple products).
  • Anti-Telescopic Attachment works best on 50-100 lbs. applications;  allows the operator to manually clamp the roll, stabilizing the product.
    *Actual lift capacities depend on individual applications.

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