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TYPE: Line Shaft Conveyors

MANUFACTURER: Roach Conveyors

Curved Module Line Shaft Driven Conveyor with Tapered Rollers

The Roach Line Shaft Driven Curve Module Model 796LSC is a line shaft curve featuring tapered rollers. The tapered rollers help maintain product orientation and this conveyor is designed to be driven from Model 796LS, thus reducing the overall number of drives required.  Line shaft Conveyors are an optimum solution for conveyance of light (up to 15lbs/roller) loads, at speeds of 25-120 FPM. They are designed for flat-bottomed, evenly distributed loads, such as those found in distribution and warehousing, parcel handling, and food packaging industries. Clean, dry, oil free environments are the ideal conditions to maximize Line Shaft performance.  With the exception of soft bottomed containers like cement bags, these conveyors can be utilized for almost all applications.

The name of this type of conveyor is derived from the drive system which consists of a shaft running the full length. The rollers are driven by a large O-ring which sits in a groove on the roller and travels around a plastic spool mounted on the shaft. Roach Conveyors produces all line shaft conveyors in house and can custom make your system to your size requirements.

Trust the experts at Thomas Conveyor when determining if the Roach Line Shaft Driven Curve Module Model 796LSC will work correctly for your application. Our engineers have the experience to successfully build your line shaft conveyor system.

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