Line Shaft Driven Zero Pressure Accumulator, Roach Model 796LSZ with Sensor Rollers

TYPE: Accumulation Conveyors

MODEL: Roach Model 796LSZ W/Sensor Rollers

Zero Pressure Line Shaft Driven Accumulation Conveyor With Sensor Rollers

The Model 796LSZ Smart Zone™ is a horizontal line shaft driven conveyor, designed for zero pressure accumulation of product. It quietly accumulates a wide variety of product sizes and features no minimum weight limitations. Each zone features positive braking of each roller in the zone during accumulation. Product may be released in singulation or slug fashion. Smart Zone® eliminates sensor rollers and replaces with photoelectric sensors to accumulate products with previously difficult minimal weight restrictions. This zero pressure line shaft driven accumulator is ideal for numerous light to medium duty applications since curves, spurs and other modules may be driven by a single drive.

Line Shaft’s ability to run multiple components on a single drive provides a very efficient conveying system, with savings in both energy consumption and changeovers. Line Shaft Conveyors are an excellent choice for everyday, automated package handling systems. Its clean, simple design is well suited for totes, cartons, and parcel packages, and allows you to fully customize your conveyor lines. Another advantage to Line Shaft Conveyors is the ability for Zero-Pressure Accumulation without contact between products, using the same motor that powers curves and transfers.  

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