TYPE: Valves and Feeders


4 Way Pneumatic Conveying Diverter Valve from Lorenz, made for almost any application or industry.

Standard features:
Pneumatic actuated 4 way line diverter valve for vacuum or low pressure dilute phase up to 15 PSIG MAX conveying systems
• Inlets & outlets available in tube & pipe sizes in stainless steel, aluminum & carbon steel
• Positive blade lock (PBL) between blade & cylinder rod
• Internal magnetic piston, cushioned air cylinder
• Polished stainless steel blade
• Active compression seals (ACS)
• Light weight aluminum body construction
• Temperature rated for up to 82° c     (180° f)
• Diverter tube - wall thickness of 16, 14 & 11 gauge
• Diverter pipe - wall thickness of SCH 10, 40 & 80
• Fully tested prior to shipping

Position switches 5 volt to 240 volt ac/dc
• Proximity switches
• Oversized cylinders
• Valve body sealed for air purging
• Inlets/outlets – straight or flanged ends
• High temperature modifications • Electric actuation
• Manual hand crank operation
• Special seal configurations
• Solenoids 110 volt ac or 24 volt dc
• NEMA 7-9 hazardous locations (class I, groups B, C & D, class II, groups E, F & G)
• Double acting or single acting spring return solenoid or manual lever valve
• Prewired terminal boxes

Flour, wheat, corn, Sugar, Starch, Modified food starch, Gluten, Salt, Sodium nitrate, Dextrose, Meal, Tortilla, Semolina, Plastic resin pellet, Lime, Limestone, Calcium carbonate, hydrated Soda ash, Activated carbon black, PET-polyethylene, Terephthalate, HDPE; high density polyethylene, PVC-polyvinyl chloride, LDPE-low density polyethylene, PP- polypropylene, PS-polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Acrylics, Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene-abs, Nylon, Phenolic, Styrene

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