Sutorbilt Blower Positive Displacement California Legend Series Medium Pressure Model 6M RHC

Sutorbilt Blower Positive Displacement California Legend Series Medium Pressure Model 6M RHC  is a key component in pneumatic conveying dry bulk powder handling systems

TYPE: Sutorbilt Blower Positive Displacement Medium Pressure California Legend Series


Gardner Denver® Sutorbilt California Legend Series Positive Displacement Blowers Medium Pressure Model: 6M RHC

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Features of Model 6M RHC

• High-strength impeller case is heavily ribbed and machined from a single piece of cast iron and features oversized dowel pins for precise mounting and alignment of head plates. These features result in reduced noise and more stable, vibration-free operation. • Head plates, machined from cast iron, are ground on the interior surface to precise operating tolerances. Bearing fits are machined into head plates to assure exact bearing positioning. This ensures accurate, fixed-dimension clearances through all blower operating conditions and temperature ranges. • Impellers are machined from cast iron to an exact profile and are permanently fastened to steel shafts. They are dynamically balanced for smooth operation in any assembled position. This provides extra strength and rigidity to handle continuous maximum loads without fatigue or deflection. • Anti-friction bearings are used exclusively. Smaller models are fitted with single-row ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings; large models have double-row ball bearings and spherical roller bearings. Optimum bearing selection provides longer blower life and added overhung shaft load capacity. • Timing gears, precision machined from alloy steel forgings, are permanently pinned to the shafts. This assures non-slip timing even under the most strenuous loading conditions. • High temperature Viton® oil seals. These maximize the seal life in continuous, severe-duty applications to provide leak-free operation. • Flex-mount(tm) design is adaptable to either vertical or horizontal installation. The feet are precisely machined and match the footprints of many competitive units. • Timing gears and gear end bearings are splash lubricated utilizing an abundant oil reservoir. A graphite gasketed, oil-tight housing encloses the timing gears. Drive end bearings are grease lubricated through fittings. Lip type seals prevent oil and grease from entering the impeller chamber. Superior gear and bearing lubrication is assured at all operating conditions with minimal maintenance. • High strength steel drive shaft is extended for v-belt drive or direct connection. This feature provides greater blower durability and installation flexibility. Ventilador de sutorbilt- émbolos rotativos- soplantes / depresores, presión, vacío

 Model 6M RHC

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