LIFT-O-FLEX™ Ergonomic Lifters

LIFT-O-FLEX™ portable lifters help provide a safer and more productive work environment and reduce work related downtime caused by job related injuries. LIFT-O-FLEX™ lifters are custom designed to meet YOUR individual project requirements.

LIFT-O-FLEX™ lifters operate via rechargeable batteries and require very little maintenance. LIFT-O-FLEX™ is a mobile roll handling solution that is designed to lift and manipulate heavy rolls.  Ideal for moving, lifting, inverting and rotating, the unit can lift and rotate rolls, spools, reels, as well as other products of similar size and shape.   LIFT-O-FLEX™ end effectors, or attachments, are completely interchangeable, which means that one unit can perform multiple tasks quickly and easily. Click HERE for standard attachment options.  Custom effectors are always available and we welcome the opportunity to assist you in configuring tailored tooling.

The LIFT-O-FLEX™ product line has a wide variety of extensions to make each unit versatile and expandable.
Maximize your productivity today without expensive setup and training for immediate reduction of injury risks and related cost. 

Lift-O-Flex Uses

For more information on the LIFT-O-FLEX™ line of ergonomic lifters please contact a Thomas Conveyor & Equipment Ergonomic Engineering Specialist at 800 220 0086 or click on the Contact Us button above.